Our Partnerships - Wine Company Shumi

Historians have identified Georgia as the first region of the world to make wine some 8,000 years ago. But for the last century, Georgian wines were hidden from the Western world behind the former Soviet iron curtain. The Vinobiza brand (Vinobiza means the month of harvest, or October, in the ancient Georgian calendar) was created by Wine Company SHUMI for Saperavi USA.  Founded in 1997, SHUMI produces 2.5 million bottles of wine a year using a mixture of ancient and traditional methods.

While caring about the preservation of natural places and cultivating their vineyards, SHUMI considers its duty to maintain a delicate balance between nature and human activity.  There is minimum intervention and all grapes are hand-picked.

This natural-based wine philosophy drove SHUMI to be the first winery in Georgia to switch its vineyards to organic and biodynamic methods of cultivation.  Almost all its wines are vegan, and the green harvest method is used on premium and ultra-premium wines.

Under the direction of top Georgian winemaker, Giorgi Khatiashvili, consulting with renowned French winemaker Jean-Michel Ferrandez, SHUMI’s products are acclaimed for their quality and have earned more than 270 prestigious international awards.


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